Cabo San Lucas

Title Description
Sunset Cruise I Took a Sunset Cruise on a Trimaran. It was suppose to be a whale watching cruise, but apparently the whales had other ideas (we didn't see any).
Finistera After not seeing a single whale on the whale watching cruise, I asked how I could get to see some and learned that the Villa Finistera Resort has a Bar called the Whale Watchers. I decided to take the hike up the hill and check it out. Nice resort ... and WHALES!
Deep Sea Fishing I signed up for a Deep Sea Fishing Adventure. Then I discovered that you had to be there at 6:30 in the morning! I figured we would be sneaking out before dawn, but while I had the before dawn part right, it was like rush hour down there - so much for sneaking. There was even a traffic jam trying to get out of the Harbor.
ATV The other activity I kept reading about people doing in Cabo was ATVing, so I figured what the heck.